Electric Hydraulic Gynecologic Delivery Operating Table

Electric hydraulic gynecologic delivery operating table

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Introduction of Electric hydraulic gynecologic delivery operating table

This type of surgery for childbirth, gynecological operating table, diagnosis and examination, including a variety of medical functions of emergency caesarean section, the bed, front and back, back tilt, lifting up and down are realized by the electric push rod flexible operation, safe and reliable, hidden activities board, convenient for doctors and midwives, all the cover panel and the dirt plate are made by stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.


An Manual hydraulic operating table for gynecologic abortion


An electric hydraulic gynecologic operating table for caesarean section

Transmission Structure:

Internal use of precision DC micro motor as power components; gear transmission structure application, ball screw and linear guide rail; electric control adopts switching power supply and PLC programmable controller; the external part includes 1 legs, leg support plate plate 2, 3, 4, the back seat plate the head plate 5, 6, 7 side armrest side baffle, cover 8, foot brake plate, 9 movable wheel 10, a control panel 11, power switch, emergency switch 13, 12 on the cover 14, base 15. The product has the advantages of high degree of automation, remote networking, remote repair, troubleshooting, smooth operation, accurate placement and convenient maintenance. It can meet the needs of gynecologic surgery.

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