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Operating lamp adjustment and inspection
- Jan 20, 2017 -

With the development of the medical industry, operating lights in the surgical theatre has played a very important role, it is easy to see the device is essential, then reconcile acceptance needs to pay attention to what matters about it? Shandong Ming Tai group to introduce the next.
(1) machinery installation check: see mechanical installation error, no-less screws or screws not tight. Kahuang has no card is good, the decorative cover plate are covered.
(2) circuit examination: first of all check system for short circuit or open circuit. If all goes well, you can test, you should check the lamp the external power supply is stable. Transformer output voltage is too high or too low.
(3) the balance arm adjustment: view your balance arm lamp matches, do I need to adjust the force balance arm, whether you need to adjust the balance arm angle and needs can be adjusted through the adjustment of the lamp arm. Typically adjusting screws at the ends of the arms of the lamp arm, but slightly different from different manufacturers, can be carefully observed.
(4) joint flexibility to adjust: mainly adjusting the damping screw joints, standard damping adjust the degree of tightness is in any position to promote or near 20N or rotary joint 5Nm.
(5) limit switch adjustment and songqi joints: in order to facilitate the installation of lights and transport, most of lamp products in its key components such as joint set lock switch or limit switch. Now can be opened.
(6) checking the lighting distance and depth: distance most light irradiation in 70-140cm or 60-130cm. That works best in the UV lights in the distance.
(7) check the illuminance and color temperature: illuminance and color temperature is a similar concept. Are for description of light irradiation intensity. We commonly think of the best light is the light and the Sun. About the 4400-4600K.