PF-90-E Medical pendant

PF-90-E Medical pendant

PF-90-E medcail pendant Quick Details Type: Medical Gas Equipments, Medical Gas Equipment Brand Name: Flower Medical Model Number: PF-90-E Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Item: PF-90-E ICU ceiling pendant Gas outlet-Gearman Standard: o2*2, Air*5, Vac*1,N2O*1 Gas plug: o2*2, Air*5, Vac*1,N2O*1,AGSS*1 Apply...

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Product Details

Instructions of PF-90-E medcail pendant:

PF-90-E medical column is used in ICU intensive care unit and a novel use of intensive care medical infusion equipment, its features are: compact structure, small floor space, is novel and attractive. The medical column can rotate at 330 degrees and is fully equipped with oxygen, air, and negative pressure. Power supply, network communication terminal, configuration, multilayer medical instrument platform, infusion, injection pump rack, of ICU care ward and intensive care, particularly restricted by ward area interview occasions ideal nursing workbench.

The company has the professional design production team, the professional customer service team. Set up a one-on-one project team for customers to enjoy the pre-sale, pre-sale, and after-sales service.

Import quality, domestic price; Spend a light lift tower's money to buy a heavy lift tower.

Technical parameters:



Functional column

2#Tray (590*400)


stainless steel basket

Gas outlet-German Standard Customized

Narcotic AGSS outler emission(jet/symphonic)

Universal socket Customized

Network communication interface socket RJ45

Cas plug

Apply to:Surgery Anesthesia,Endoscopy

Can be customized

Reliability and Stability:

From German classic design, high strength aluminum alloy, modular combination. Whole sealing, streamline, surface oxidation spray treatment, never rust

All air source terminals and tower hosts are both purveaux and German

The gas outlet can be used by German famous brand, MEDICOP, which is reliable for 10 years.

Electric socket can be used in France famous brand -- -roger long, the quality is reliable, the assurance USES 10 years.

Each rotating joint of the tower device is equipped with double brake: mechanical brake + pneumatic brake device to ensure that the tower equipment is accurate and safe and reliable.

Each rotating joint is made of German famous brand, SKF, which is reliable for five years.

Electric elevating motor USES the German famous brand

Equipment pallet: high strength aluminum alloy whole drawing, with standard stainless steel rails

The tray is optional 450mmx400mmmx30mm. Adopt 10mm by 25mm international standard edge rail. The rounded corners are designed with a drawer and the tray can move up and down.



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