FJ-11 stainless steel accompanying chair

FJ-11 stainless steel accompanying chair

FJ-11 stainless steel accompanying chair Quick Details Type: Hospital Furniture Specific Use: Hospital Chair General Use: Commercial Furniture Material: Metal Metal Type: Iron Folded: Yes Size: Customized Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Hospital wheelchair folding manual wheel chair for hospital Model Number:...

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Use of FJ-11 stainless steel accompanying chair:

Accompanying chair also called with beds, patient with chair, escort a bed, and so on, in the medical device classification belongs to class I medical devices, general carbon steel coating and two kinds of material of stainless steel. The chair is a folding medical ward chair, which is made up of bed shelves, hooks, adjustable adjustable bed feet, movable hooks, and adjusting feet. When use, hang the hook on the hospital bed, do not use the time not to take away, will adjust the mobile bed foot to put in the bed, or hold the wall by the wall. Has simple and compact structure, easy manufacturing, installation is simple, rapid, and easy to use, occupy less room space, can be used as a medical room with one bed or used as devices and widened the bed placed healing items.

Instructions of FJ-11 accompanying chair:

Characterized by the bed frame with hooks, the adjustable bed foot beam activities connected to the shaft plate and bed frame, bed frame with activities hold hook and climbers, solid poles end up in the adjustable activity on the foot of the bed, on the other side plate beam activities connected to the shaft and the surface of the bed frame, brace hook hole bridge and fixed adjustment, respectively, in the adjustable activity on the foot of the bed, adjust the feet by the fixed screw through the fixed seat fixed position adjustment. The chair body can be opened by the need of need, facilitate the escort, the recovery can save the space, can also make the chair to use; The chair frame adopts 2.0mm thick carbon steel pipe making, the structure is rigorous, the safety is reliable. Elegant arc armrest, accord with ergonomic design, comfortable and beautiful use agile, save space



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