Other Medical Furniture

‚ÄčThe other medical furniture provided by Flower Medical mainly including basket stretcher, spine board, stair stretcher, scoop stretcher, ambulance stretcher, five castors plastic base four hook I.V poles, three-foldable screen and more.
Introduction of related products:
The stretcher is a stretcher for the current ambulance, which meets the needs of the patient and is convenient for the patient to lie down with the wounded. The spine board is made of PE material. The material is non-toxic, non-polluting and non-releasing material. It is durable and can be used for X-ray. The stair stretcher is made of aluminum alloy and is light and flexible. The foldable structure is easy to carry and is used to rescue patients with fractures up and down the corridor.
The ambulance stretcher is made of high quality aluminum alloy aluminum. The structure is light and flexible. The use of foam cushions allows the wounded to lie comfortably. Telescopic handles are also provided at both ends for easy lifting of the stretcher. With a low frame structure, it can be moved on the ground and lifted up.
We provide multi-functional I.V poles with hooks, which can hang multiple hanging bottles and hang items, which can improve the efficiency of medical staff, and facilitate the medical personnel to hang up the clothes they carry with them. Multi-purpose features.
The main features of the three-foldable screen:
1. Environmental protection: the hospital's special curtain fabric, both dustproof and antibacterial;
2. Safety: This product is a standard for permanent flame retardant curtain fabric;
3. Durable: Superior tensile strength, color fastness, no fading, and pollution resistance;
4. Aesthetics: The use of screens in hospital wards, injection rooms, and examination rooms makes the hospital interior feel neat and beautiful;
5. Ventilation: The three-fold screen has mesh ventilation holes for easy ventilation and ventilation;
6. Save land: foldable, push-pull and move.
As one of the successful manufacturers & suppliers & companies, Flower Medical have devoted ourselves to medical many years. We can offer multifunctional other medical furniture. We can also provide best service and competitive price for you, we are expecting to become your long-term partner in China. We warmly welcome you to buy other medical furniture for sale.
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