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A 81 Year Old Surgeon Does Not Need To Shake Hands.
- Aug 31, 2018 -

After eight years of age, for most people, this is the age of children and grandchildren around the knee. And the reporter interviewed the protagonist, 81-year-old insist on the operating table every day, or set the highest age record of Shenzhen local surgeon knife surgery. He is known as "Shenzhen anorectal first knife" Jing Jin "Du's anorectal" fourth generation of successor Duke righteousness. August 31, is the tenth anniversary of Duke Yi's third "entrepreneurship", he founded the Anorectal Department of Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital, the Department can not hang the banner and plaque, is his 70-year-old "re-entrepreneurship" the best return.

At the age of 81, there are at most 10 operations a day.

On the day of the interview, Du Keyi had just finished an operation for external hemorrhoids. Reporters in front of this old man, mentally hale and hearty, walking fast. "The birthday of January is 81 years old." Every morning at 7:00, Duke insisted on the first to the anorectal doctor's office, check the medical records, listen to the medical staff on duty on the day of hospitalization of patients, 8 ward rounds, 10:30 began surgery. Hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal prolapse... An average of 3-4 anorectal surgeries a day, 20 minutes short, two or three hours long, and up to 10 operations a day. "In addition to the city's traditional Chinese medicine hospital several 80-year-old Chinese medicine is still out of the doctor, Shenzhen can now stand on the hospital operating table knife surgeon, I am afraid I am the oldest. Du Keyi jokes that the first secret of being a good doctor is to have good health.

Du Keyi studied medicine with his father at the age of 18. His ancestor's "Du's anal bowel" stunt began in the late Qing Dynasty and was well-known in Beijing and Tianjin. His great-grandfather Du Jinfeng, grandfather Du Shaochen and father Du Youchen were all good at hemorrhoids and fistulas, which were recorded in the original expert of the Ministry of Health Ku and the local chronicles of Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen.

As the fourth generation descendant of Du's anorectum, Du Keyi entered Tianjin Peace Medical College (the predecessor of Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine), studied systematically the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical theory, and devoted himself to the treatment of anorectal hemorrhoids and fistulas after graduation.

60 years old, "second spring" 70 years old, "start business again".

In 1983, Du Keyi was introduced to Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a talented person of traditional Chinese medicine. He was instructed to establish Shenzhen Anorectal Medical Center. He was regarded as the first "start up" in his life. That year, he was 45 years old. 15 years ago, Du Keyi trained a large number of anorectal medical professionals for the anorectal medical center. At 60, ordinary people reached retirement age, but for Duke Yi, he ushered in the "second spring" of his career as a doctor, founding Fukuda Hospital Anorectal Hospital as the first dean. In the past 10 years, Du Keyi has devoted all his life to his studies, witnessing the emergence of anorectal Hospital from scratch, from being strong, he is also listed as "Shenzhen Excellent Chinese Medicine".

Life has been sparse for 70 years. At the age of 70, Duke Yi did not choose to retreat bravely, but once again ignited the passion of "entrepreneurship" and founded the Anorectal Department of Shenzhen Hang Seng Hospital. Today, it is the 10th anniversary day of the establishment of the anorectal department. In previous interviews, he recalled how he had "started from scratch" when he arrived at the department, the desks, chairs, benches, bedsheets, and patients who had been booked for two days were about to be admitted to the hospital. He had put more than $10,000 in his own pocket to put things together and successfully completed the operation.

Hanging flags and tablets

"My eyes are not flowers, my hands are not trembling, my mind is not dull. Here, there is room for me to exert my remaining heat." Despite his advanced years, Duke Yi has been doing this for another decade, unwilling to see the patient suffer but unable to help himself. As long as a newborn baby, an old man aged 106, a patient with leukemia and anorectal mucosal infection after chemotherapy for lymphoma, can be treated with certainty. Duke Yi won the praise of "Shenzhen Anorectal First Knife" and was listed in the archives of "Pengcheng Xinglin First Expert" because of his bravery and daring to break through the "forbidden zone" of surgery.

In recent years, colorectal cancer has become the second most common malignancy in Shenzhen, and early detection is crucial for cancer treatment. At this time, Du Keyi's "unique skill" - "finger eye" was used. In the past 10 years, more than 40 cases of colorectal cancer have been diagnosed by his finger, and none of them has been misdiagnosed or missed. He can even distinguish the type of cancer differentiation by his finger.

"Reverse pull the sink, the technology pressure male", "a knife, a stubborn disease eradication"...... In the office of an anorectal surgeon at Hang Seng Hospital, there were banners and plaques sent by patients to Duke Yi and his students, which had been received only in the last year or two. Over the past 10 years, the patient gave him 200 or 300 banners, so many outpatient clinics, departments can not hang, plaques are too many to even put the Department warehouse.

Over the past 35 years, Duke has dispelled anorectal diseases for more than 40,000 patients with superb skills and a knife. In addition to patients in Shenzhen and its surrounding areas, there are also compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who come from afar. Many of them are difficult to be cured by repeated operations in other hospitals. Even three generations of grandchildren have come to see him for treatment. To subvert the view that anal fistula is incurable and exists with fistula in developed countries, there are still many foreign friends in Duke's "iron rod powder".

Breaking the ancestral rules and selfless "helping others"

When it comes to Duke's pride, besides the patient's word of mouth, there is also the fifth generation of Duke's anal-intestinal descendants he nurtured. Unlike his grandparents, the rule of "pass on a man without passing on a daughter, pass on the inside without passing on the outside" left by his ancestors was broken here. The son Du Zonghao and daughter Du Weijing were deeply informed, respectively in Futian hospital anorectal specialty.