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A Surgical Light Is A Light With Special Funct
- Jul 05, 2017 -

A surgical light is a light with special functions

The invention and application of the light began in 1809, when British chemist David invented the arc light, and man entered the age of electric lighting. In 1879, at the California theater in the United States, the first human use of electric arc light. In 1906, Edison invented the home electric light bulb for filament. Later, incandescent light, fluorescent light, energy-saving lights, neon lights, and the contemporary use of all kinds of high-tech high-tech inventions lights have sprung up on stage lighting. Great bringing people's production and life.

Edison's greatest contribution to the electric light

It's the filament design. He experimented with more than 6, 000 replacement filament strips in two years and conducted as many as 1,200 experiments. After testing various materials around the world, Edison found that platinum was most effective. However, this material is very expensive and as a practical filament, its efficiency is limited. Finally, Edison tried carbonized cotton filament. On the evening of Sunday, October 19, 1879, Edison and his assistant turned the wire on and around the clock. After more than 40 hours, the cotton filament was still glowing, and Edison knew he had solved the problem. Light bulb sales began to appear in 1880, while the comprehensive introduction of Edison lighting system for the first time in London as early as 1882 Holburn Viaduct, by focusing on city power supply for ge lighting era began in 1882 on September 4, where New York's Pierre street station. In the face of the reporter's question, Edison "I have finished what I promised". This laid the foundation for the subsequent lighting of the operation.