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Advantages And Characteristics Of Electro-hydraulic Operating Table
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Using micro-computer control, advanced electro-hydraulic drive technology, instead of the traditional linear actuator drive technology, make more accurate positioning, using more uniform and smooth;
Main parts adopt imported parts of the hydraulic system, the overall performance is more reliable and durable Fully functional, simple bed level a key reset functions, under the bed can be set at any angle, for the first time in the reply level.
Operation position memory function, the bed set in any memory back, but feel free to reply to this memory;
Two independent hydraulic power source: operating table hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, micro-computer control panel, controllers have two separate systems and can be switched with each other;
Entire series mattress medical polyurethane forming technologies, insulating and fire-resistant and waterproof, etc.
Compliance with safety standards, the surface is seamless, anti-bacterial and easy to clean;
High quality 304 stainless steel materials.