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As The Surgical Lights Went Out, There Was A Cry In The Delivery Room
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Yesterday, I gave my friend a sharp turn, and I said to him, "if 1 equals 10, 2 equals 20, 3 equals 30, 4 equals 40, and so on, then how much is 10?" And he thought about it, ~~100~~, and I looked at him and said, "go back to school.".........

As the operating lights went out, there was a cry in the delivery room: "husband."! Excuse me. Waiting for the man's forehead straight thick sweat, he looked at the table, already in the morning on August 23rd. Then the doctor walked out of the delivery room, pulled off the mask, sighed, and said, "the baby is Virgo. We've done our best.".

Cousin: of course, happy! So, I have a very interesting game! It's not Chinese yet. It's all english......

He was blinded by a car accident, never knowing what his girlfriend looked like. She had stomach cancer that year, and she transplanted her corneas to him before her death. He restored the light after the first thing is to find a picture of her, but he only found her left him a letter, the letter have a blank photo, the photo to write a sentence: "I don't think about what, one of your love, is my way."

Like a goddess for a long time, finally found the courage to her confession, she made a phone call with his thoughts are said to her, no matter how I will always love her. She told her to think about it, and after a while she came to a text saying, "would you like to be my child's father?"