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Electric Operating Table Is A Comprehensive Electric Hydraulic Series Operating Table
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Electric operating table is generally composed of Mesa, electric control, main part, accessories and so on, the operation Table Head board, back plate, seat plate and leg board composition, including the first board surface, back plate surface, seat plate surface, left leg plate surface, Electric Surgical Table right leg plate surface and back face a total of six parts. Can realize the operation process of ascending, descending, tilt before and after the front and back waist, such as the Board of the individual action, can deal with different operation of the patient position of different requirements, the surgical bed accessories generally include: dirt bucket, Electric Surgical Table leg plate, arm plate, head frame, arm plate, anesthesia rod and infusion rack, and so on, these are the role of the adjustment of the position. Attachments such as shoulder straps, strap straps, wrist straps and strap straps can protect patients from anesthesia and prevent the risk of falling into the bed. Accessories are equipped with sponge pads to ensure the normal circulation of fluids and maintain comfort during operation. Electric operation bed transmission mode is generally electric hydraulic drive, mainly by electric gear pump, hydraulic cylinder, overflow valve, solenoid valve, Electric Surgical Table positioning control switch and power supply components, through the manual controller, infrared remote control and auxiliary controller to carry out the controls.

Electric operating table is a comprehensive electric hydraulic series operating table, the selection of imported assembly models. Chassis cover, column coats are selected imported stainless steel die stamping molding, suitable for chest and abdomen surgery, orthopaedics, Brain Branch, otolaryngology, Electric Surgical Table urology and other surgical use.

Electric operating table with a compartment can be placed in the cassette, Mesa translation function can be done without moving patients in the case of filming, but also the whole body of C-arm perspective or photography, such as cardiovascular photography, body bone perspective. Have up and down the waist bridge, Electric Surgical Table can recuperate the position of abdominal surgery, can also configure the abdomen support frame, can recuperate the position of back operation. Can rotate the pivot table base passes the manipulator control, may walk, the lock. Dual operating system design for electric table. The main motor and components, seals, oil pumps are selected abroad famous brands, the implementation of PLC control to ensure the operating table moving parts and electrical reliability.

Electric operating table function characteristic: the operation bed function is adjusts the operation posture, causes the operation to carry on smoothly, general operation commonly used posture is prone position, supine position, the tilt position, the perineum position and the seat.

The operation of the electric operating table is suitable for all parts of the body anatomy and medical needs, and its characteristics are:

1. Reduce the labor intensity of medical staff, in line with ergonomic design.

2. Design appearance, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, Electric Surgical Table high surface cleanliness. Mainly composed of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, the bed board consists of high-strength bakelite, can be resistant to dirt and acid and alkali, while having good X-ray penetration.

3. Intelligent, mainly by the computer system control, Electric Surgical Table can single key control all posture.

4. Through a variety of parts and components, the expansion of equipment functions, can be applied to surgery, ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, Plastic Surgery, Anorectal Branch and ENT department and other departments.