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Halogen Surgical Lights Can Be Flexibly Moved
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Halogen operation lamps do not produce shadows at work, and can reduce the degree of color distortion to zui low, it is usually under the circumstances by a single or multiple lamp combination molding, and then connect these lamps on the adapter On the cantilever, so that it can do the vertical movement of the cycle, Halogen Surgical Light can be flexible to move, will be used in hospital surgery, its specificity can be avoided by the operation of the surgeon is due to the head, hand and equipment caused by shadow interference , To ensure the accuracy of surgery.

Halogen surgical lights have the ability to work for a long time, less heat and increase the brightness of the characteristics of it can be fixed on the ceiling or a fixed point on the wall above the appropriate light intensity and long hours of surgery , Halogen Surgical Light The shadowless lamp will not produce too much heat, making the operation of the surgeon will not be affected by the external area of interference, concentrate on the surgical process which makes the success rate of surgery greatly increased.

Halogen surgical lights now, some of the advantages of LED launch of the tongue; less heat, longer life, better energy efficiency. But only these often say that the advantages of LED radiation less heat than incandescent bulbs, so that surgeons and staff more comfortable (important in the longer case). And cooler light means less heat in the surgical field, reducing the risk of dry exposed tissue. Halogen Surgical Light There are several other advantages of LED lighting, in addition to reducing calories, there are direct clinical benefits.

A high quality one of the most salient features of a halogen surgical lamp is spot color is white. Thereby increasing the color temperature to a more desirable level (about 4400K). This filter, the light is more white, but the color is still not ideal. In addition, the use of paint and filters is very difficult to apply, consistent, lamp, Halogen Surgical Light lamp color change is very high. These differences can be distractions of the surgeon.