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It's Important To Work With A Midwife And A Doctor
- Nov 10, 2017 -

If you do not want to tear or cut sides, do more exercise related pregnancy, when the baby must cooperate with midwives and doctors, I was too hard, the tear is more serious, when the baby save energy, do not raise a hue and cry.

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From birth baby to confinement, busy finally have the record of my natural childbirth experience.

In the afternoon of 9.14, the vertebra was dull, and my colleague said that my stomach was seriously falling, and it was estimated that I couldn't reach the expected date of birth. That night, I washed my head, took a shower, and went to bed early.

I was 9.15 6:40 in the morning urine arousal after wake up, the Restroom back to bed, daze hear "Dong --" sound, I also feel strange is what sound, then a few seconds and hot, suddenly rushed out of amniotic fluid. My husband was still asleep aside, I was scared to push him, he woke up and that is what the event, heard the broken amniotic fluid, very calm to get up, wash after they went to tell my parents.

Because of the fear of amniotic fluid flow too much, I quickly washed a bit, changed the body to facilitate the production of clothing, and her husband two people go to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, it was more than seven. The doctor helped me to measure my blood pressure, heartbeat, and helped me check the palace, saying that I had already opened a finger. On the bed of the examining room, my amniotic fluid kept flowing and the whole bed was soaked. So the pad is very important at this time Because no eight, sooner or later the class doctor didn't transfer, I just lay in the check room bed and breakfast, during a colleague called circle of friends know my broken amniotic fluid today, have to point praise for me refueling. (when the heart moved, because I do not know what kind of children is, I'm afraid of pain!

The morning doctor came and looked at the data before, because there was too much amniotic fluid, and I didn't have contractions, and their suggestion was to give me an injection of oxytocin. (after all, all of the baby amniotic fluid is not good...) Then there is a professional doctor and I explained the related knowledge of oxytocin needle, after took out a paper for me to sign, I was confused, signature sign muddleheaded.

Signed soon, the doctor told me on the bed, her husband pushed the bed to accompany me to the delivery room door.

To be honest, I did not expect so soon into the delivery room, a door inside the nurse pushed me into the labour room, labour room, there are a lot like me a power of maternal, then the doctor gave me hanging oxytocin needle.

First the hour not much reaction, after half past nine, a stomach began to feel stuffy, the midwife asked my stomach tight, I said is not tight, the midwife feels strange, said: "you do not have contractions? Why isn't it tight?" I knew at this time that the oxytocin needle was beginning to work.

The midwife helped me to check the palace, and opened a half finger, at that time, the heart was panic, afraid that the palace was too slow to open for a long time.

After that, from half past nine to half past twelve, the stomach began to feel pain slowly. After half past ten, the pain gradually obvious, I was almost forty seconds a pain, a pain for half a minute.

There were six beds in an labour room, but only I was in pain, and my next door mother might be too bored to stare at me.

Eleven, husband WeChat to ask me what to eat, my pain no appetite, let him buy rice congee, come in when the contractions have begun to every 20 seconds a pain, a pain in 50 seconds. I can only take advantage of the pain when lying on his back to eat a few mouthfuls of rice congee, even to the last half eaten.

Half past twelve, contractions intensified, I really can not bear the pain, called the doctor, checked the palace, opened three fingers, and finally can be painless.

Then a nurse led are not wearing trousers (yes, my baby is so no dignity) came from the labour room delivery room, called the anesthesiologist made painless needle.

During this period, the delivery room my husband, my mother-in-law and my mother are warned asked me not to play, not good for lumbar. I have sore eyes and faint, and advance knowledge about painless knowledge, I did not listen to them, they signed, decided to play painless.

After a painless, relaxed, the whole person in a tense state, after all, relax after the consequences is tired, tired want to sleep. My husband and I sent WeChat, saying that he was going to sleep, and his husband blew in, so I wouldn't fall asleep. After that, I didn't dare to sleep, and I thought I didn't eat anything at noon. I took a chocolate quickly and added physical strength.

After 1.5 hours, nothing to do, look east to see the west, occasionally and her husband reported the situation, the time is still very fast.

1.5 hours after the cervical pain, I started to cry.

Delivery room doctor I scream, I made a strange why painless pain, I said my cervix ache badly, they are a bitch to roll their eyes, just tell me the painless local anesthesia, cervix ache is not, can only endure! (so I hit the painless 90 minutes just to make me feel comfortable ah).

I am a bad person, it could not help but cried. There are 4 maternal a maternity ward, I am the only one who cannot use to call the midwife could not stand, come and let me come, children need a little effort.

The cervix is painful, and it is not far from the whole finger. The midwife again refers to the inspection, I said the contraction is very good, has opened ten points, then called a doctor, and put on the bed