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LED Operation Lamp Has High Luminous Efficiency
- Aug 28, 2017 -

LED Operation Lamp uses the LED light bead Reflection light road system compared with the whole reflection lamp, greatly reduced the irradiance, the lamp has the energy saving, environmental protection safety, long life, low heat production, high brightness, waterproof and other characteristics, LED Surgical Light and has a high luminous efficiency, impact resistance, not easy to break, mercury pollution and other advantages. LED Surgical Light Mainly applies to the medical organization operating room for the patient to illuminate the operation.

Introduction of LED Operation Lamp:

LED surgical lamp is used to illuminate the surgical site indispensable important equipment, is the most important medical equipment in the operating room, medical staff through the use of light, LED Surgical Light to achieve in patients with no shadow of the site lighting purposes, so as to help doctors clearly distinguish lesions tissue, successfully completed the operation. Surgical lamp equipment requires the best possible observation of objects at different depths, sizes, and low contrast in the incision and body cavity. Therefore, LED Surgical Light in addition to the need for "no Shadow", but also need illumination uniformity, good light quality, can well distinguish between blood and human body other tissues, organs of color difference.

LED Surgical Lamp Product Features:

1, the use of imported led cooling light source as a surgical lighting, LED Surgical Light is the real cold light source, doctors head and wound area almost no temperature rise.

2, White LED has different from ordinary operation with the color temperature characteristics of light source, can increase blood and other tissues, organs of color difference, so that the surgeon's vision clearer.

3, the use of digital means to control the brightness of the LED, LED Surgical Light operators can according to their own adaptability to brightness adjustment.

4, the color temperature can be adjusted according to the operator's adaptability and different operation.

5, LED Operation lamp for pure DC power supply, no stroboscopic, LED Surgical Light also will not work in the area of other equipment to generate harmonic interference.

6, the use of imported switching power supply control voltage, so that the work voltage is always in a stable state.

7, removable handle jacket, can be disinfected at 1 35 ℃ high temperature.

8, the use of special optical system, 360 ℃ uniform irradiation on the observed objects, LED Surgical Light no phantom production, high definition.

9, led Operation lamp average life long (50000h), much larger than the traditional halogen tungsten bulb (1500h), life-saving lamp more than 20 times times.

10, led with high luminous efficiency, impact resistance, not easily broken, LED Surgical Light no mercury pollution, and its emitted light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet components of radiation pollution.

11, titanium alloy large arms without welding, LED Surgical Light streamlined design of the lamp is more in line with the modern purification laminar flow room design requirements, the appearance of the fashion to the hospital operating room to provide a new bright spot.