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Let The Flower Of The Spirit Bloom In The Bijie Test Area Forever
- Mar 30, 2018 -

The Lighthouse of faith illuminates the whole life

In January 2018, in the first people's Hospital of Bijie, I interviewed Qin Zhiling, a seriously ill elderly man. Although the eyes of the old man were kept closed and suffering from weakness, her old cheeks were still warm. "Mother's hearing is not good now, but her eyesight is very good!" The son of Qin Zhiling, in the city of Bijie finance and trade school work Liu Yu said.

In February 1949, on the eve of the liberation of Shanghai, Qin Zhiling secretly joined the Communist Party of China. After liberation, she was recognized as a formal party member. In March 1951, Qin Zhiling was recommended to join the Chinese people's delegation to the Korean condolence troupe in East China. As a representative of the medical front, he went to the North Korean battlefield to confront the front-line soldiers. Qin Zhiling recalls, East China delegation as China people DPRK delegations of third sub groups, representing 29 people, the 4 people, 3 medical workers, engineering team staff of 21 people, is the head of Chen Yisheng, deputy head of Li Chengzhi, Li Yuxuan, Secretary General Wang Ruowang, deputy secretary general Liu Fonian, medical is Qian Aiju, and she Weidun workers. Qin Lao said: "in the DPRK, the day can not come out, only in the evening to come out, in the daytime American aircraft bomb, frequent bombing, smoke everywhere. At that time, we were not afraid of sacrifice and suffering, and the heart was the only way to overthrow American imperialism. " In May of the same year after returning, Qin Zhiling was scheduled to go to the party organization in Fujian province Youxi area Chinese people's Volunteer Army heroic deeds propaganda, in 1952 as a party activists were transferred to the Shanghai city Huangpu District in the "three evils" and the "five evils", and Liu Qun acquaintance, love, marriage.

"Communist Party members can not tell the conditions, only obeying arrangements, organizing what to do what to do, organization needs, we should respond. In 1958, the Party Central Committee called for the selection of personnel to support the western region, and we signed up. Old Qin said. In December 1958, just as the mother of Qin Zhiling in response to the call of the party, and the work of the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau of Huangpu District Liu Qun both participate in the construction of the west, offered to the most difficult place, and she raised from Shanghai Hospital of Bijie Area, Finance Bureau Liu Qun transferred to the Bijie area. Two people came to Bijie with their families, and overcome the difficult living conditions, threw himself into the work.

Think of Bijie as his own home

"I stayed in internal medicine, obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, infectious department and supply room." Qin Zhiling told the author clearly.

The director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the former Hospital of Bijie Area, He Yunsheng and Qin Zhiling, who came to Bijie to support construction earlier than Qin Zhiling, had been working with Qin Zhiling for 27 years. 94 year old He Yunsheng the author said: "we have never heard of before coming to Bijie this place, came to see, no water, no electricity, there is a small ditch hospital in the middle, cooking, have to pick vegetables and other water, operation to patients without surgery to lamp. The street rent."

"At that time, the conditions were too simple. Doctors and nurses were doing all kinds of work. They were all in service. They didn't use their families to do things. They worked harder than before. In addition to doing routine nursing work, we need to keep patients around, chat with patients, understand what difficulties they need to help solve. Some patients had no money at home, so we gave up our meals to the patients, and the patients needed blood transfusion urgently. We immediately rolled up their sleeves and gave blood to the patients. All of our energy was on the patient's body. He said with emotion.

Qin Zhiling for the love of the motherland, for the pilot area of Bijie is feeling, "I love you, like a spring breeze and walked eight thousand miles, no return