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Maintenance Of Surgical Lights
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Note the use of surgical lights

With the development of medical advanced medical device, the development of Chinese medical equipment has risen a very powerful space, the level of development is one of the steps we chase, in the face of such a development, we have to fully consider , On the use of surgical lights, and face

The use of surgical lights, Surgical Light we can not blindly follow, it should follow its work steps to carry out the following to introduce you.

(A) maintenance

1. Lamp replacement

Note: (1) replace the lamp, you must first cut off the installation of the 220V power switch on the wall until the lamp can be replaced after cooling!

(2) If the filter glass is damaged, Surgical Light should promptly notify the factory repair. Otherwise it may cause burns in the body tissue.

First use the thumb to promote the sterilization handle hook, remove the sterile handle, and then remove the light source system with a screwdriver, after determining the cooling of the bulb in order to replace the damaged bulb. Note: Do not use the hand directly to pinch the bulb, so as not to leave the fingerprint on the new light bulb, affecting the light source.

2. The equipment is clean

After the operation lamp is used for a while, the shell, Surgical Light lamp panel will accumulate dust, blood, body fluids, etc., must be cleaned.

2.1 Shell cleaning

Wipe with liquid wax and soft cloth, not only clean the shell, Surgical Light but also protect the paint layer. Serious scent can be used to clean the dirt.

Caution: Do not scrub with acid, alkaline solution or abrasive.

2.2 Light panel cleaning

As the lamp panel made of polymer materials, the surface has serious dirt or scrub, the light source has a great impact, so clean, only with a neutral detergent and no debris clean and soft cloth scrub The

Caution: Do not scrub with acid, alkaline solution or abrasive.

2.3 sterile sterilization

Before and after surgery, should remove the sterile handle with 75% alcohol solution soaked disinfection, and with a soft cloth 75% alcohol solution to clean the lamp.

CAUTION: Do not scrub with solvent-like solutions such as formalin.

3, routine inspection

3.1 check at the junction

As the surgical lamp is a permanent suspension device, Surgical Light its safety is important. The rotation of the chassis connection nut and other coupling screws must be checked regularly and found to be loosened immediately.