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Surgical Light Precautions
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Surgical light precautions

The operating light is different from the basic nature of the light to meet the special requirements of the operation. 1. Operating room lighting requirements, two, safe operating lighting, three, no shadow requirements, four, cold light requirements, five, disinfection requirements. The Surgical light includes the overall reflector light and the perforated Surgical light series, the overall reflector light and the molecular mother light and the single light; The hole - type Surgical light is also divided the letter light and the single light two specifications. Operating light, can provide guarantee to the operating room lighting brightness, the operating surgeon must be able to accurately distinguish the silhouette, color, and mobile, so you need to close to the sunlight intensity of light quality, at least for 100000 light intensity of illumination, operating light can provide single light illumination brightness, 160000 largest and operation or the brightness of the light can be stepless adjustment, in the process of operation in case of failure, can automatically switch the spare bulb, time of 0.1 seconds, so surgery surgical lighting light can provide security. The operating light can reach the non-shadow lighting by means of a multi-lateral reflector. This reflector is formed by industrial stamping, with a high reflective rate of 95%.

Other matters

Form a homologous beams, formed from under the light panel 80 cm deep art of beam to ensure that the operation of the illumination brightness, no shadow, and the surgeon's shoulder, hand and head cover part of the light source, still can maintain very evenly.

The operating light, while lighting up the light, avoids the heat, and the shadowless light can filter the 99.5% infrared component through the new filter, ensuring that the arrival area is cold light.

The operation light is designed and installed with a high seal handle, which can effectively control the number of pathogens and disinfect.

Installed in the ceiling of the light, surgery should be set in the remote control box on the ceiling or wall 1 or more of the transformer, to convert most of the input power supply voltage bulb the required low pressure. Most operating light dimming controller, some products also can adjust the light field range, in order to reduce the light around the surgical site (from the sheets, gauze or instrument of reflective and flash will make the eye discomfort). Surgical light can ensure color temperature of about 4250 color, close to sunlight, make the color of the eyes more clear, and won't cause the health care workers to work long hours and eyes tired.