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The Function Of The Electric Operating Table
- Jul 25, 2017 -

As an indispensable treatment for disease treatment and orthopedic surgery, surgery is the treatment of general surgical diseases. The operating table is one of the indispensable medical devices in the surgical procedure. It is widely used in the orthopedics, surgery and other departments of the hospital. Use, Electric Surgical Table medical technology with the scientific progress and improve the level of manufacturing, have a lot of improvement, the operating bed by the manual gradually changed to electric and wireless remote control, so that medical staff in the implementation of surgery, Will not be driving the operating table to take up too much energy.

Now on the more commonly used electric operating table composition and function introduced:

First, the composition: electric operating table generally by the table, electronic control, the main part, accessories and other components, the operation table by the head board, backplane, Electric Surgical Table seat plate and leg plate, including the head board, backplane, Leg plate surface, right leg board and backplane surface a total of six parts. Can be achieved during the operation of the rise and fall, before and after the left and right tilt and head back and other aspects of the board alone action, Electric Surgical Table you can deal with different surgical conditions on the different requirements of patients, surgical bed accessories generally include: dirt barrels, , Arm plate, head frame, arm plate, anesthesia rod and infusion rack, etc., these are the role of the adjustment to play a role. Shoulder straps, binding legs, binding wrist strap and binding belt and other accessories can protect patients in anesthesia, to prevent the risk of falling bed. Electric Surgical Table Accessories are equipped with sponge pad, to ensure that the process of patients with normal body fluid circulation and maintain comfort. The operation of the electric operating bed is generally electric hydraulic drive, mainly by the electric gear pump, hydraulic cylinder, relief valve, solenoid valve, positioning control switch and power supply and other components, through the manual controller, Electric Surgical Table infrared remote control and auxiliary control Device to control.

Second, the functional characteristics: the role of the operating table is to adjust the surgical position, so that surgery can be carried out smoothly, Electric Surgical Table the general operation of the commonly used position for the prone position, supine position, tilting position, perineal position and sitting.

Electric operating table for all parts of the operation, in line with the characteristics of human anatomy and health care needs, its characteristics are:

1. Reduce the labor intensity of health care workers, ergonomic design.

2. Appearance design beautiful, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, Electric Surgical Table high surface cleanliness. Mainly composed of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, bed board composed of high-intensity bakelite, can be anti-fouling and anti-acid, and has a good X-ray penetration.

3. Intelligent, mainly by the computer system control, you can control all the positions of a single key.

4. Through a variety of parts, expand the function of equipment, can apply to surgery, ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, anorectal and ENT and other departments.

The electric operating table is composed of two parts, namely bed head and accessories, bed body mainly includes the transmission part, Electric Surgical Table the support part and the control part of these three parts. Transmission part is generally composed of pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical transmission mechanism. The hydraulic transmission mechanism consists of power unit, cylinder, oil management and solenoid valve. The power unit consists of oil pump, motor, fuel tank and relief valve. Mechanical transmission part of the motor, worm, worm and gear and other components. The pneumatic structure consists of a self-locking gas spring.

The operating part of the electric operating table structure can be automatically activated by the button, mainly by the lifting column, table and the base of three parts. The table is usually composed of multiple support plates, such as the back plate, the hip plate, the lower plate, the leg plate, the foot plate, the head plate and so on. The part of the base is made up of a characteristic brake-locked device.