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The Operating Principle Of Hydraulic Operating Table
- Sep 19, 2017 -


The operating table is one of the important facilities in the medical field, there are many types of operating table, there are old manual operating table, there are new electric operating table, in the electric operating table, the hydraulic operating table is the most common operating table, then The following article details the structure of the hydraulic operating table and what principles of use.

Hydraulic operating table is composed of two major parts, namely the bed and accessories, bed mainly including the transmission part, Hydraulic Surgical Table support part and control part of the three parts. Transmission part is generally composed of pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical transmission mechanism. The hydraulic transmission mechanism consists of power unit, cylinder, oil management and solenoid valve. The power unit consists of oil pump, motor, fuel tank and relief valve. Mechanical transmission part of the motor, worm, Hydraulic Surgical Table worm and gear and other components. The pneumatic structure consists of a self-locking gas spring.

The support part of the hydraulic operating table structure can be automatically operated by the key, mainly by the lifting column, the table and the base of three parts. Hydraulic Surgical Table The table is usually composed of multiple support plates, such as the back plate, the hip plate, the lower plate, the leg plate, the foot plate, the head plate and so on. The part of the base is made up of a characteristic brake-locked device.

The control part is mainly composed of hand controller, manual control panel, Hydraulic Surgical Table foot controller and so on. The accessories are mainly composed of the support accessories that are required to complete the surgery, such as the lumbar, the thigh, the chest, the arm, and the strap.

In the hydraulic operating table structure principle, the hydraulic drive is the power unit oil into the tubing, and then through the solenoid valve to control the oil circuit off, the use of hydraulic push hydraulic structure of the cylinder structure of the piston movement, to complete the surgical process In the various forms of operation of the operating table.

Hydraulic operating table hydraulic system has a compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, smooth control, easy to install and the overall layout and so on. Hydraulic Surgical Table The hydraulic system includes fuel tank, check valve, solenoid valve, relief valve, bag type accumulator, pressure gauge, throttle and cylinder. The capsule can be used as a power source for storing pressure oil and releasing energy as needed. According to the pressure gauge to achieve automatic pressure compensation. Hydraulic Surgical Table The drive motor is driven independently by the respective drive. Both sides of the operating bed are equipped with a close control of the bed control, and can be completed by hand control a variety of motion control.