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Use Of Electric Operating Table
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Electric operating table using microcomputer, dual controller control, the implementation of multi-directional operation and to prevent misuse of the lock switch. A full set of hydraulic control systems are imported hydraulic components, so that the whole machine to achieve low noise, high security and reliability. The operating table for ophthalmology, brain surgery designed ultra-low position, the doctor can use the surgery during surgery. Electric Surgical Table The entire table can be carried out before and after the vertical movement, to achieve all the bit C arm radiography or perspective.

Discussion on Common Phenomenon and Solution of Electric Operating Table

Electric electric operating table tilting action no.

If only the forward action is not, other actions are there, it shows that the pump is working properly, but the corresponding membrane switch failure or the corresponding solenoid valve failure. Judging the solenoid valve is good or bad there are two ways. One is measured with a three-meter resistance, and the other with a metal to see if there is no suction. Of course, if the solenoid valve pull action is normal. Electric Surgical Table And oil obstruction will occur the above problems.

If not only did not move forward, other actions are not, that is, Electric Surgical Table compression pump failure. First check the voltage on the compression pump is not used, with three tables with the amount of compression pump resistance normal? If the above are generally normal commutation capacitor failure.

2, electric electric operating table in a direction of action, the other direction are not action.

Unilateral no action failure is generally caused by electromagnetic valve. Electromagnetic reversing valve failure may be caused by poor control circuit, mechanical valve may also be stuck. The specific inspection method is the first amount of the valve there is no voltage. If there is voltage put the valve to open the cleaning. As a result of long-term use, for the valve activity on the axis if there is little bit of impurities will be caused by stuck in the shaft, Electric Surgical Table resulting in electric operation only one direction of action.

3, the use of electric operating table which will automatically drop down, but the speed is very slow.

This happens in the mechanical electric operating table which is more, mainly lift pump failure. The use of electric operating table after a number of years may occur very small impurities remain in the oil inlet valve, resulting in a small internal leakage. The solution is to remove the lift pump with gasoline cleaning, in particular, Electric Surgical Table to check the oil into the valve. After washing to re-add clean oil.

4, the use of electric operating table which will automatically drop down, faster, and vibration sound.

This failure is the problem of the inner wall of the tub. Long-term action up and down, if the leather bowl has a little bit of impurities. Sometimes the tubing wall pulled out scratches, a long time, scratches more and more deep to produce the above failure. The solution is to replace the tub.

5, the surgery will automatically down the backplane, Electric Surgical Table but the speed is very slow.

This failure is mainly due to the leakage caused by the solenoid valve, generally occurs in the electric electric operating table, long-term use of impurities sometimes gathered in the solenoid valve port. The solution is to remove the solenoid valve with gasoline cleaning. Need to pay attention to is due to the large back pressure, the general electric electric operating table design has two solenoid valve in series, cleaning with two to clean together.