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Women In Emergency Car Accident In The Evening, The Police Take Flashlight, When The Operating Lights For Doctors Lighting
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Women in emergency car accident in the evening, the police take flashlight, when the operating lights for doctors lighting。A woman wearing a red side lying on the ground, two doctors are squatting on the side of the head wound wrapped a layer of gauze, and on the other side of the injured, one wearing the armbands patrol police squat, holding a flashlight to illuminate the temporary table". A picture taken before the night before, recorded the warm heart.

Originally, February 6th is the lunar month is the beginning of the ten, 20 pm the same day, when the neighbors who are still immersed in the joy of sharing Tianlun Spring Festival, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion patrol officer Huang a pedestrian, already on standby, on a piece of moon traveling on guard Guangzhou peaceful "governance noise drunk" on the way.

20:30 Xu, in the way through the Department of rhyme northbound northbound section of the scene, the careful yellow police officers found in front of the road in the middle of a car stopped, seems to have occurred. So, Huang police quickly come forward to see. There was a traffic accident in front of the injured woman. The head was seriously damaged and the blood flowed to the ground. The situation was not optimistic.

Yellow police immediately arrange This matter should not be delayed., other players will be behind the police car parked in a vehicle accident, the car has always been the direction of warning guide passing vehicles bypass. Found that the head of the injured woman is still bleeding, Huang police immediately call "120" emergency call, notify the radio, and protect the scene, evacuation of onlookers, to avoid traffic jams and the occurrence of two accidents.

The yellow police officer a pedestrian in the wait for the ambulance, the injured repeatedly sore pain. In order to keep the wounded conscious, Huang police kept talking to her and kept comforting her. Looking at the injured really can not stand the pain, yellow police once thought directly or send her to the hospital, but due to the occurrence of traffic accidents, the head injury in addition to outside is not yet sure there are no other injuries, then carefully observed the bending degree of the wounded thigh ten exaggerated, is likely to have thigh fracture.

For the injured injury is taken into account, the situation has been unable to move freely to the injured, a move is likely to cause two damage to the injured, only yellow police patiently comforted the victims, while waiting for the arrival of the ambulance.

After the ambulance arrived, the doctor checked the patient's condition and indicated that it was necessary to bind the head immediately and fix the leg urgently. However, due to the late night, the scene lighting conditions are not ideal, urgent bandaging is very difficult. Seeing the pain of the injured man, Huang police took out a flashlight and squatted beside the injured person, which urgently illuminated the temporary "operating table"".

Soon after, the wounded was carried to an ambulance, ambulance officer Huang looked away, a pedestrian will be the scene of the accident by the police deal with the accident treatment, just leave, go to check the car to carry out "treating noise drunk" guard Guangzhou peace work.