FDK05C Hole type Shadowless Operating Light

FDK05C Hole type Shadowless Operating Light

FDK05C Hole type Shadowless Operating Light Quick Details Properties: The Basis of Surgical Instruments Type: hospital light Brand Name: FLOWER MEDICAL Model Number: FDK05C Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Product name: Clinic double dome shadowless Halogen operating light Certificate: CE ISO Color: White Application: Joint...

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Product Details

Details of FDK05C Hole type Shadowless Operating Light

  • Properties: The Basis of Surgical Instruments

  • Type: hospital light

  • Brand Name: FLOWER MEDICAL

  • Model Number: FZ700/500

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

  • Product name: Clinic double dome shadowless Halogen operating light

  • Certificate: CE ISO

  • Color: White

  • Application: Joint Operation

  • Product type: halogen light

  • Diameter: 700mm/500mm

  • Usage: Surgical Room

  • Factory location: 2 Hours Drive

  • Quality: Fine

  • Material: Aluminum

Advantages of FDK05C Hole type Shadowless Operating Light

On the glass lamps and lanterns of transmission and plating color film to get the color temperature, shadowless operating lamp will widely use electronic and remote control technology to improve the light body flexibility, operation lamp in the position in medical surgery that was "very" important, light focusing effect, as well as operating lamp will cast shadows in the process of operation, will directly affect the operation smoothly or not, cold light vertical operation shadowless lamp, can use several different positions focus of light source, eliminate surgery medical personnel head, shoulder, hand and other parts of the shadow, belt brake and movable vertical device, surgical site without limit, safe and reliable, operation shadowless lamp, check the lamp is routine hospital and necessary equipment, etc. To avoid trouble in the installation of hanging wall on the control box, YuDa operation shadowless lamp provides terry from the multiple LED point light, the shadow of making good control and hand over to your exam or minor program organization extent of improvement, operation shadowless lamp is for those who pursue the latest technology, best value of the medical lighting

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