FL520 LED Operating Light

FL520 LED Operating Light,Operating lamp Detailed Parameters: Properties: Neurosurgery Instruments Type: operation lamp, Smaller head mobile tye Brand Name: Flower Medical Model Number: FL520LED(Mobile type) Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Product name: LED shadowless surgical operation lamp Light...

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Product Details

FL520 LED Operating Light Detailed Parameters 

Properties: Neurosurgery Instruments
Type: operation lamp, Smaller head mobile tye
Brand Name: Flower Medical
Model Number: FL520LED(Mobile type)
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Product name: LED shadowless surgical operation lamp
Light source: LED
Bulb: Imported and high performance LED bulb
Service life: 60,000h
Luminance: 12,0000lux
Certification: CE&ISO
Optional: Emergency battery
Color temperature: 4500k±500k 
Color: White

FL520 LED Operating Light Technique Data:



Diameter of dome




Color temperature adjusment


Color indication index


120Spot diameter


L1+L2 Illumination depth




Ultraviolet light irradicance within 40mm wave legth


Focus mode


Power supply


Input power


Light source


Tmperature rise at surgical's head


Installed range(standard arm)


Average service life



Emergency battery

The Maintenance of 
FL520 Led Operating Light

1,Check the fasteners of LED lights regularly to prevent accidents.

2,If the LED lamp is found to be broken, the above method will be replaced. If the manufacturer is not allowed to change, notify the manufacturer for replacement.

3,Always use wet soft cloth or sponge to touch a small amount of alcohol, scrub the surface of LED lamp and the Y tube, strictly prohibit water or other liquid to wash.

4,To clean and disinfect the lamp's handle regularly, which can be disinfected with 75% alcohol, formalin, new jal, or soas or fumigation; Not more than three days or surgery or 5 times every time before the operation, the lamp body handle coat for 138 ℃ high temperature cooking disinfection.

5,there is any other malfunction, unable to deal with, please contact the company after-sales service department, have not been evaluated by the company personnel or full-time shadowless lamp repair personnel recognition, please do not remove the leds and control circuit at will.

FL520 Led Operating Light Product Packaging:

FL520 Led Operating Light FAQ:

warranty: 1year

contact sale person immediately if any question.

hadowless surgical LED operating lamp

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